1941-07-19 - Ludwig V. Beethoven

BBC World Service begins playing V(ictory) (...-) 5th of Beethoven


Ballet dancer Peter Martins charged with beating his wife

1592-07-19 - Erhard Buttner

Erhard Buttner, composer was born

1670-07-19 - Richard Leveridge

Richard Leveridge, English bass and composer (d. 1758) was born

1735-07-19 - Garret Wesley Mornington

Garret Wesley Mornington, composer was born

1742-07-19 - Jean-Baptiste Davaux

Jean-Baptiste Davaux, composer was born

1750-07-19 - Alessio Prati

Alessio Prati, composer was born

1782-07-19 - Jonathan Blewitt

Jonathan Blewitt, composer was born

1797-07-19 - Johann Gottlieb Schneider

Johann Gottlieb Schneider, composer was born

1811-07-19 - Vincenz Lachner

Vincenz Lachner, composer was born

1873-07-19 - Louis Zimmermann

Louis Zimmermann, violinist/1st concert master of Concert building was born

1898-07-19 - Juan Bautista Plaza-Alfonzo

Juan Bautista Plaza-Alfonzo, composer was born

1905-07-19 - Boyd Neel

Boyd Neel, Blackheath, Kent England, conductor (Story of an Orch) was born

1905-07-19 - Louis Philip Kentner

Louis Philip Kentner, composer was born

1906-07-19 - Klaus Egge

Klaus Egge, Gransherad, Telemark Norway, composer (Noregsonger) was born