1930-01-18 - Dmitri Shostakovich

Dmitri Shostakovitch' opera "The Nose" premieres in Leningrad

1944-01-18 - Louis Armstrong

The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City hosts a jazz concert for the first time. The performers were Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Artie Shaw, Roy Eldridge and Jack Teagarden.

1964-01-18 - The Beatles

Beatles 1st appear on Billboard Chart (I Want to Hold Your Hand-#35)

1968-01-18 - Danny Apolinar

Hester & Appolinar's musical "Your Own Thing" premieres in NYC

1980-01-18 - Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd's "Wall" hits #1

1989-01-18 - The Rolling Stones

Otis Redding, Dion, Rolling Stones, Temptations & Stevie Wonder

1543-01-18 - Alfonso Ferrabosco

Alfonso Ferrabosco, composer was born

1732-01-18 - Jean-Guillain Cardon

Jean-Guillain Cardon, composer was born

1751-01-18 - Ferdinand Kauer

Ferdinand Kauer, composer was born

1793-01-18 - William Henry Havergal

William Henry Havergal, composer was born

1817-01-18 - Jacques Gregoir

Jacques Gregoir, composer was born

1835-01-18 - Caesar A Cui

Caesar A Cui, Vilna Lithuania, fort architect/composer was born

1840-01-18 - Ernst Rudorff

Ernst Rudorff, composer was born

1841-01-18 - Alexis-Emmanuel Chabrier

Alexis-Emmanuel Chabrier, France, composer (Le Roi Malgré Lui) was born

1856-01-18 - John Hyatt Brewer

John Hyatt Brewer, composer was born