1907-12-03 - George M Cohan

George Cohan's musical "Talk of the Town" premieres in NYC

1930-12-03 - Lorenz Hart

Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart's musical "Evergreen" premieres in London

1954-12-03 - William Walton

William Walton's opera "Troilus & Cressida," premieres in London

1961-12-03 - The Beatles

Beatles meet future manager Brian Epstein

1965-12-03 - The Beatles

Beatles begin final UK concert tour in Glasgow

1576-12-03 - Marsilio Casentini

Marsilio Casentini, composer was born

1668-12-03 - Casimir Schweizelsperg

Casimir Schweizelsperg, composer was born

1729-12-03 - Padre Antonio Francisco J Jose Soler

Padre Antonio Francisco J Jose Soler, Olot Spain, composer (Fandango) was born

1750-12-03 - Johann Franz Xaver Sterkel

Johann Franz Xaver Sterkel, composer was born

1752-12-03 - Georg-Friederich Fuchs

Georg-Friederich Fuchs, composer was born

1758-12-03 - Josef Gelinek

Josef Gelinek, composer was born

1826-12-03 - Edmond van der Straeten

Edmond van der Straeten, Belgian lawyer/musicologist was born

1883-12-03 - Anton (Friedrich Wilhelm) von Webern

Anton (Friedrich Wilhelm) von Webern, Vienna Aust, 12-tone composer was born

1888-12-03 - Ion Nonna Otescu

Ion Nonna Otescu, composer was born

1896-12-03 - Boleslaw Szabelski

Boleslaw Szabelski, composer was born