1846-12-06 - Hector Berlioz

Opera "La Damnation de Faust" is produced (Paris)

1939-12-06 - Cole Porter

Cole Porter's musical "Du Barry was a Lady" premieres in NYC

1963-12-06 - The Beatles

Beatles begin a tradition of releasing a Christmas record for fans

1969-12-06 - The Rolling Stones

300,000 attend Altamont California, rock concert feature Rolling Stones


6th Billboard Music Awards

1995-12-06 - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson collapses while rehearsing for an HBO special

1550-12-06 - Orazio Tiberio Vecchi

Orazio Tiberio Vecchi, composer was born

1642-12-06 - Johann Christoph Bach

Johann Christoph Bach, German composer (d. 1703) was born

1743-12-06 - Franz Nikolaus Novotny

Franz Nikolaus Novotny, composer was born

1768-12-06 - Johann Baptist Henneberg

Johann Baptist Henneberg, composer was born

1775-12-06 - Nicolas Isouard

Nicolas Isouard, composer was born

1776-12-06 - Paul Friedrich Struck

Paul Friedrich Struck, composer was born

1806-12-06 - Louis-Gilbert Duprez

Louis-Gilbert Duprez, composer was born

1808-12-06 - Johann Christian Gebauer

Johann Christian Gebauer, composer was born

1846-12-06 - Henryk Jarecki

Henryk Jarecki, composer was born