1941-02-18 - David Blue

David Blue, [Cohen], Providence RI, rocker (Cupid's Arrow) was born

1941-02-18 - Herb Santiago

Herb Santiago, vocalist (Frankie Lymon & Teenagers-Why Do Fools Fall) was born

1941-02-18 - Irma Thomas

Irma Thomas, [Lee], US vocalist (It's Raining) was born

1947-02-18 - Dennis De Young

Dennis De Young, Chicago Il, vocalist (Styx-Babe) was born

1948-02-18 - Ketih Knudsen

Ketih Knudsen, Ames IA, rocker (Doobie Brothers) was born

1952-02-18 - Juice Newton

Juice Newton, [Judy Cohen], Virginia, vocalist (Angel of the Morning) was born

1952-02-18 - Veronica "Randy" Crawford

Veronica "Randy" Crawford, US vocalist (One Day I'll Fly Away) was born

1953-02-18 - Derek Pellicci

Derek Pellicci, rock drummer (Little River Band-Help Is On It's Way) was born

1953-02-18 - Nico Arzbach

Nico Arzbach, rock guitarist/singer (Stampei, Dike) was born

1953-02-18 - Robin Bachman

Robin Bachman, Winnipeg, guitarist (BTO-You Aint Seen Nothing Yet) was born

1956-02-18 - Ted Gärdestad

Ted Gärdestad, Swedish singer (d. 1997) was born

1958-02-18 - Gar Samuelson

Gar Samuelson, American drummer (d. 1999) was born

1964-02-18 - Paul Hanley

Paul Hanley, British musician (The Fall, Tom Hingley and the Lovers) was born

1965-02-18 - Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre, [Andre Romelle Young], Compton, California, American rapper and record producer was born

1970-02-18 - Raine Maida

Raine Maida, Canadian musician (Our Lady Peace) was born