1942-06-16 - Eddie Levert

Eddie Levert, Canton Ohio, vocalist (O'Jays-For the Love of Money) was born

1942-06-16 - John Rostill

John Rostill, rocker was born

1949-06-16 - Peppy Castro

Peppy Castro, [Emil Thielhelm], NYC, rock vocalist (Balance) was born

1950-06-16 - James Smith

James Smith, US, singer (Stylistics-Can't Give you Anything) was born

1952-06-16 - Gino Vanelli

Gino Vanelli, Montreal Quebec, singer (Living Inside Myself) was born

1952-06-16 - Rob Kloet

Rob Kloet, pop drummer/singer (Nits-In the Dutch Mountains) was born

1953-06-16 - Ian Mosley

Ian Mosley, Paddington London, drummer (Marillion-Clutching at Straws) was born

1954-06-16 - Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts, rocker (Boomtown Rats) was born

1958-06-16 - Jóhannes Helgason

Jóhannes Helgason, Icelandic guitarist (Þeyr) was born

1962-06-16 - Femi Kuti

Femi Kuti, Nigerian Afrobeat Musician was born

1971-06-16 - Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur, East Harlem New York, American rap star/actor (Juice, Bullet) (killed in 1996) was born

1978-06-16 - Jasmine Leong

Jasmine Leong, Chinese Malaysian singer was born

1980-06-16 - Joey Yung

Joey Yung, Hong Kong singer was born

1981-06-16 - Ben Kweller

Ben Kweller, American singer/songwriter was born

1982-06-16 - Matt Costa

Matt Costa, American singer/songwriter was born